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Botmatrix Live Hack Session 7

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Tonight I'll be finishing some hacks on an interactive R2D2 toy I bought some time ago that I hadn't finished. I'll be focusing on hacking the on-board ultrasonic sensor and the head position encoder.

I'll also be doing a mini tutorial on RGB LEDs. I'll talk about the types, hooking them up, and the styles available.

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You all have fun tonight! I'll jump in the chat and type some gibberish if i'm high on NyQuil from my head cold. Yes, i have a man cold and I'm not shy to whine about it!


Be well soon DJ. I know how horrible colds can be.

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If you can type you haven't drank enough.


I imagine DJ typing and falling asleep on the keyboard....(this is how he codes anyyway:p) maybe code some raspberry pi


Chief - lol

All plugins that don't require operating specific calls will work on the raspberry pi. What plugins were you looking for that are specific to the raspberry pi?


Hello Everyone,

So, I am hacking my R2D2 also and need some info on which H bridge motor controller should be used for the motors.  1 for head rotation and 2 motors for R and L legs.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Mark


Hi Mark,

I used an EZ-Robot 2.5A L298 dual motor H-Bridge for the L and R motors and a small 1A H-bridge from China that I had for the head motor.

The head motor doesn’t draw too much current so it can be used with a lot of off the shelf H-Bridges, or even a small transistor circuit.