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Astro Boy Live Hack....Back in Action!

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*****Sorry had to move the time back a bit, supper came late*************

Astro Boy Live Hack (Part 5)

The eighties Astro Boy cartoon was likely the majority of the inspiration that got me into robotics. The whole concept of a child-like robot super hero really intrigued me. The story also had a very emotional back story that had me hooked. While I don't plan on replacing my own children with robots I do think it'd be fun to create my own version of Astro:D

The AtomicPi SBC will be the brain of Astro, which is quite fitting since Astro is also known as Atom Boy (and Mighty Atom). The AtomicPi runs windows 10 so many of the features of ARC/EZ-builder can be used to create a fully featured Astro Boy with audio input/output, camera, and AI.

In the last 4 Astro live hacks I've designed the robot's frame in TinkerCAD: feet, shins, upper legs, hip section, and chest. Since the chest had to grow to allow room for the AtomicPi the rest of the body parts will have to scale up as well. This week I'll be scaling up the 3D design in TinkerCAD and 3D printing the changes.

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i was thinking the other day no live hacks anymore. but now your back .
lookin forwart to see you in action the way you handle TC.
@Jeremie  I was just watching the Archived Video, as last night when you changed the time I fell asleep,  Great that you are making Astro Boy bigger but now have you considered the weight increase, the servos for the leg joints may not be powerfull enough.   scalled the parts up but that makes the walls to thick adding to much weight.  Just my view, but you should think about power ro weight before you go to far in the design.
I don’t think the weight will make a difference. Because the walking movement is mostly pendulum.
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As I found with Voltron, the weight plays a factor with plastic flexibility. The more weight you have near the top of the robot the more it flexes over the lower extremities and causes balance issues. The more rigid you can the robot the better. Luckily, I am using all PLA so Astro should be fairly rigid.

*Edit: I can also make the parts with less infill to save on weight. Those ez-robot HDD servo are pretty torquey so it shouldn’t be too bad.
You should revisit my idea about putting the batteries in the shoes, that much weight at the very bottom makes walking more stable.