I Got Access To Googles Bard And...

So basically, a few weeks ago I added myself to the wait-list of Bard. Recently I have gotten access, so of course I asked it some questions... I asked a few questions like:

  • When was EZ-Robot founded Two answers: 2006 and 2011
  • Who is the current owner of EZ- Robot 3 answers Aquired by Synthiam in 2015 51% stake aquired by Congobuy Inc. Still owned by DJ Sures
  • Does Synthiam count as a successor towards EZ-Robot One answer: Yes
  • And also it accusing Sures of being under an NDA User-inserted image


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Lol Well, ez-robot was and is a private company - it's not publicly traded, so yeah it got that part right. But it should be able to see the company that owns it because I believe the parent company's name is on the website. Since it's google, I'm surprised it didn't get that, as it's a searchable result. Even more surprising is that it mentioned 2020 when the sale was in 2019, and that's on this website.

This aligns with the number of complaints we received from schools using the Open AI robot skill for ARC. The students kept getting incorrect responses from the staff, and the teachers were upset - so they messaged us. That's why we had to put up a disclaimer.

So far, I think the creative output is the only somewhat helpful thing for these language models, such as telling me a story about a duck who built a racecar. Or, write me a letter of resignation, haha.

The big question I have for the response is "how does it search public records?" That seems like a real-time feature - so what "public records" could it possibly search?

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I think the real takeaway is the disclaimer that you see at the bottom of the screenshot you posted and other bots that are popping up: User-inserted image

Reposting return statements from these chat bots is liken to repeating nasty gossip. IMHO of course.


Ha well that’s an interesting point you raised, Dave.

because these bots get their language models from the internet. Which means they scrape the internet webpages to extract sentences and they get stored in their magic algorithm.

but, if new internet webpage content is being generated by incorrect content, then it’s just duplicating it. Making the incorrect content more prevalent. So the more chatbots are used to generate incorrect content, the more incorrect sources it makes for itself. It’s like the human centipede lol