I Asked Artificial Intelligence About Synthiam And Its Interesting.

I became bored today and wanted to see what "AI" thought about Synthiam and its former "sister" company EZ-Robot. This information made me curious to see if it was true. I wanted to post what it knew to see if it was in fact true. The AI refused to give any sources so I became even more curious.  The AI said this about Synthiam: "Yes, I am familiar with Synthiam, a technology company that specializes in the development of software tools for robotics and automation applications. Synthiam was founded in 2012 and was originally a sister company to EZ-Robot, but the two companies later separated and became independent entities. Synthiam's software tools were designed to help users program and control robots and other automation systems, and the company had a strong presence in the robotics and automation communities. However, it is not clear if Synthiam is still in operation." I found it surprising that it said that "Synthiam is from 2012" I was curious to know if that was even true. I was also puzzled by it saying that Synthiam is probably not in operation.

I am not promoting or endorsing any 3rd part products including "EZ-Robot" or "Open AI" I was just posting what the computer said to me and was curious if it was in fact correct. If this technically counts as a question I will take it down on request. I was just curious to see if anyone knows if this is true or not.


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If anyone is curious I will post what it said about "EZ-Robot" I'll post that on request as well.


Also if true, Happy 10th birthday Synthiam!


I also asked it about DJ Sures and it said this: "According to the information that I have been trained on, DJ Sures is a Canadian entrepreneur and technology expert who is known for his work in the field of robotics and automation. He is the founder and CEO of EZ-Robot, a company that designs and manufactures programmable robots for educational and entertainment purposes. He is also the co-founder of Synthiam, a technology company that specializes in the development of software tools for robotics and automation applications. DJ Sures is a respected figure in the robotics and automation communities and is known for his innovative and user-friendly products."



That's interesting. Is that from chat gpt3? Anything the AI is trained on would be a bit old, plus it is a mismatch of words other people have said. Cool to see the output, though! Thanks for sharing


Yeah it is chat GPT. I'm smarter than it. I gave it exponents and it barely worked. It also said that EZ-Robot was founded in 2010. It had so much information wrong including but not limited to: Exponents, Nintendo, History, Sony, Microsoft, the left cerebral hemisphere, and the history of the printing press.


Well, that's because the data is trained from conversations like this. And the data is old, meaning they collect conversation data from forums to build a model. The information you are getting is from that model, which was trained on conversation data.

So if people in the conversation have something incorrect, the output of the gpt will be wrong. Remember, the AI doesn't have a vision of how things are now - it only knows things that were fed to it.

Also, things like years and dates or accurate information will always be incorrect. This is because GPT generates a statement by calculating the most likely next word based on input.


Yeah, it's very interesting. The phenomena of "Internet trolls" have been around for as long as the internet has been released to the public. Thankfully Elon Musk's dream of "Brain Chips" and AI-generated conversations will never work. As long as people are against him the universe will be at peace.

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Interesting. A lot of that info is "basically" true but dates and time lines and some facts are off.

I started hanging around this forum and using EZ Robot back in 2012. I'm no expert but here is a loose and quick account of how EZ Robot and Synthiam has evolved:

DJ had been building robots, developing the EZB control board and it's control software, ARC for a few years prior to that. At that time DJ already had this robust computer platform and a large following. I found it through some Youtube videos he has posted of a few toy robots he converted using his platform. It was some amazing stuff to me back then. Still is. I simply had to use this platform to bring life to my full sized replica of the 60's tv show robot from Lost In Space.

Forward a few years; DJ split up EZ Robot into Hardware (EZB, IoTiny and other things) and software. He sold off the hardware side and took the software with him and started Synthiam. This let him drastically advance and improve ARC and he renamed it ARC. To this day the EZ Robot company's  control hardware is dependent on using ARC to operate. On the other hand ARC can run on some other popular control boards with a simple firmware flash from Synthiam. Its simply a genius business plan for an amazing, popular and easy to use product! I'm not taking anything away from EZ Robot and their control hardware. I exclusively use several EZB's in my LIS Robot. They are the top of the line and do everything (using ARC of course).

I cant and wont comment on DJ's personal journey through all this. I do know that he has had many talented people working with him through the years that has made a huge difference in each phase of growth. However he seems to have been the driving creative and intellectual force behind these two amazing companies. I'm amazed and feel fortunate that he has decided to remain so hands on and accessible to all of us. His commitment to his customers to this day remains solid and complete as it always has been.