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EZ-Robot Building A New Platform

Now I am intrigued. I received a survey from ez-robot about a new platform.

they didn’t say what the definition of a new platform is, hardware, software, both but they did mention sensors in the email  etc.  they are focused on education market now and not pure DIY so curious if anyone has inside scoop.

the obvious question is what do you want in a robotics platform.if they provide a software platform Is this now a competitor to ARC.

@DJ you can delete this post if it is a problem as it may violate your 3rd part product rule. I fully understand.

extract from email.   We’re going through some exciting changes at EZ-Robot. Over the coming months we’ll be introducing a range of new products, sensors, add-ons, and learning activities.

One of our core strengths has always been our community’s enthusiasm and feedback, helping us create an incredible robotics platform for DIY roboticists and educators alike.

We’re wondering if you’ll help us out by taking a couple minutes of your time to help us improve and serve you better?


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Looks like they are having an investors event In Toronto on June 19th.  Anyone going? Should I go?


That’s cool and might be interesting. I don’t have any info to add because I don’t know anything about it. I’m guessing Jeremie is keeping quiet for a reason :D


We have a tech conference in Toronto that week (Collision Conference) it is really for startups looking for investors in Tech.  I assume they are probably trying to attract angel / VC investors who typically attend this type of conference.


Interesting. I'd love to go is I was local.

They mention meeting the CEO of EZ Robot. Who is that now? When DJ was in that roll things were very open as to who was behind all the magic. Both DJ and most of his team were very public on the forum. I kinda miss that personal touch.

I'm never able to connect with their online live chat even if it says they are available. I had to leave a message. I've tried this just a couple times with a question or two about EZB issues I was having. One time I never got a reply. Last time I was able to contact someone there with a question the answer I got back was to come here to Synthiam and ask on this forum. The person answering my inquiry said they were geared to educational and business groups and had little support for DYI people like me. They said Synthiam's forum would be able to help better. At least they were honest with me but that answer kinda put me off a bit. To give credit though they did send me an email a week or so later asking if I had been able to resolve my issue. I guess that's something. :(

All that said, EZ Robot's hardware are still my go to devices. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have on base as far as new hardware.


I received an email from them asking me to invest in the company. No mention of new products though.


Oh hey there Perry. I got those emails too from Dennis, he is a really cool individual and my brother and I have expressed interest in investing and becoming an insider. As I don't know of any other company other than Synthiam bringing the robot future to many young students and hobbyists.


@Nink, my apologies that I didn't see this back in April. I'm not sure how the marketing department worded things but there aren't any plans for a new platform, we are still utilizing ARC because it's the best robot control software out there! We would be a decade behind if we tried to develop our own. There are many new products that I've been working on over the past year that will start being available soon. I would encourage anyone in the GTA to definitely meet Dennis when he's out there as he has a bold vision for EZ-Robot and it's great to hear about it in person.

@Dave I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with getting answers. Usually, hard questions will be sent to me and I will try to answer them here in the community since it benefits everyone when I can help share my hardware knowledge. If you need to you can send me an email directly (first name @, actually there is something I wanted to chat about anyway, so please send me an email.

@All EZ-Robot is definitely strongly focused on the education market as that is our bread and butter but we do recognize that DIY plays a key role in advancing robotics. As long as I'm at EZ-Robot there will always be a DIY element because that's who I am and the experience I bring to the table. I have teased a few things here and there and most of it is DIY related. I haven't forsaken you all xD


Hey Jer, Glad to know you are there at EZ Robot , inspires much confidence for sure!


Thanks for the response @jeremie. Like most people here any free cash goes towards personal robotics projects. Since I retired a few months ago I have the time to volunteer and help where I can but I don’t have the funds to throw 6 or 7 figures towards an angel investment but happy to help where I can. It is imperative we all support STEM initiatives even if I am not smart enough to understand them!

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@Robo Rad I'm glad you'll be attending the event!

@Nink the ask is as low as 4 figures as it's a crowd equity campaign and the idea is to have a large number of investors. You should definitely attend if you can, if nothing, just to meet Dennis and ask him questions. The more pressure you put on him to release new products the larger fire he'll put under me to get things released xD


I'LL try my best may need a wheelchair for broken knee cast!:D


I wonder if they will finally release the neopixel blaster, its been about 3 years and it went from being on the website and saying coming soon then later it was removed from the website entirely and synthiam seems to have no info on release yet.


@Winterrrrrrrrrr Synthiam doesn't do hardware but EZ-Robot still does. I'm working full-time on the EZ-Robot hardware these days, and am waiting to release some stuff. I suspect we'll start seeing new products appearing at the beginning of the new school year, possibly sooner. No promises on the Neopixel blaster but it is still in the queue.


The neopixel blaster seems like a cool product but i can wait for it ti be released.


Interesting as the Neo pixel is now getting used as a higher upgrade for really extra bright starwars type Light sabers that they duel with but cost way more.


If they do end up releasing the neo pixel blaster i wonder how much it will cost.