Anyone Built A Reachy (Telepresence Robot)?

Reachy is a telepresence robot project that is open source hardware and software.  It is 3D printed (CC-BY-SA) So you can hack and commercialize it anyway you want.  It is Apache software but fairly limited. It is designed to work with AR and you control it remotely.

I was thinking this maybe a good project to adapt with ARC but I am not sure of the level of complexity involved in building it or if anyone has tackled it.  Once it is built you would also need to make work with ARC.

Here is a video with AR and a link to the open source project. 


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That's pretty cool hardware. You can make any ARC robot telepresence by checking the "Telepresence" option in Exosphere. It needs a LCD screen mounted on the chest or something User-inserted image


Yeah the hardware is really what I am interested in.  It is well designed and the CAD files are detailed. I love the inmoov but it is not very functional.  I see a lot of practical uses with the Reachy design.  It uses Dynamixel servo's so it is going to be a little pricy.   This is probably going to be around $15K -$20K to build I think after you add the base and all the other components.  They sell a kit for $25K euro  or 33K euro with a base.

Example here is just the servos in 1 arm and 1 gripper.

1 Arm 3 Dynamixel MX-106T $600 * 3 = $1800 1 Dynamixel MX-64AT $340 * 1 = $340 2 Dynamixel MX-28AT $300 * 2 = $600 1 Dynamixel AX-18A $100 * 1 = $100

1 Gripper 1 Dynamixel AX-18A  $100 * 1 = $100

Total 1 ARM + Gripper = $2940  USD


Oh my that’s a pricy build!! At least they’re using good Dynamixel servos. Lots of robots use the ax12 because they’re cheap but they’re also very very weak.

For that much money, would there be a complete robot arm that you could purchase and attach to a chassis?


Yeah price is crazy, I retired last year and zero funds so I may have to get a job as a Walmart greeter to fund a project.  Maybe I just need to stick to cobbling together the various servo's BLDC etc I have sitting around in all the half built robot projects in my basement.  maybe a roomba for a base and a couple of home made robot arms with some decent grippers....

There is an XPrize competition on at the moment for a telepresence robots.  Here are the finalists.