Lists In Blockly Score 232

I would like to request lists in Blockly which can make an array.  I have the voice feeding into variables and it works great but now I find that I'm making a ton of variables to hold them. Rather than doing it this way have the speech recognition put the numbers into an array. Once they are in an array just have the whole thing download into variables associated with locations for each axis. So say you want to pick up from point A and place at point B  each location is associated with 6 variables. Yes I know this is similar to your movement panels, but did you know that when you turn on solenoid with movement panels it clicks on and off because of the cycling- anyways I find that Blockly is more stable for me and I can ask for wait for minutes rather than 30 seconds with movement panels as well other benefits/variables etc.

Want to see this feature happen? Like it to increase the score.


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