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MPU9250 Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Compass Upgrade Request Score 320

I'm requesting a software update for the MPU9250 Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Compass.  The MPU-9150 is no long available from EZ-robot and the MPU9250 is available on the web.  This will allow everyone who wants to use the new feature
can.  I myself and I'm sure others do not have a MPU9150 and would like to buy and use the newer MPU9250 Accelerometer, Gyro, Temperature, Compass to take advantage of this new feature.

PS, it would be nice to have it the same as the MPU-9150 Control

Thank you. I hope this is something DJ can upgrade for all of use to use.

Want to see this feature happen? Like it to increase the score.


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