Connect ESP32 To ARC (Not ARC To ESP32) Score 189

I want to put ARC on a cloud server and have my Arduino's establish a connection to the public IP address of the cloud hosted ARC server. This way I can host a bunch of ARC servers and then have the Arduino Robots connect direct to the appropriate ARC server. They can then access the relevant plugins, script and instructions from the ARC server to perform the task they were designed to perform.

Devices can be hard coded with a host name or IP and reside behind a firewall and when powered up connect direct to the hostname of the ARC server. This way we can create very low cost robotic devices that can connect to a central server where they can be monitored and controlled. If the device loses power it will just reboot and reconnect to the host. Long term would be great if ARC supported more then 4 endpoints or perhaps containerize ARC as a Microservice and have a bunch of ARC containers spawned on demand to accept additional connections from ESP32 controlled robots.

Want to see this feature happen? Like it to increase the score.
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This isnt a feature request because it’s already possible. Simply modify the Arduino ezb firmware to connect to the IP address of the ARC installation. Configure ARC to listen for connections in the config of the connection control. There’s a checkbox to enable listening for ezb incoming connections
Thanks DJ, I did not realize this was possible. (Now I feel like an idiot).  I will have a play tomorrow. Any thoughts on the more than 4 devices supported?
Never an idiot - questions are useful:)

Arc was designed for once instance per robot. Hence movement panels allowing only one. So you’d need a different ARC per robot. 

i can do a live hack one day demonstrating if you’d like
Would love that, Thanks DJ