Asked May 25 2016

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Hi, I'm new to Ez Robot and new to this forum.

Here in Australia, we have a electronics suppler called Jaycar who supply an Arduino equivalent called " Duinotech"

My question is: Can you use Arduino/Duinotech 8x8 led matrix with the ezb4 and how, as the Duinotech 8x8 has 5 pins


Protocol is SPI ( Shift-Register )
Chipset is MAX7219
Led colour is Red

Could someone help me please with how to connect the pins to the ezb4, and how to add it to ez builder.

Sorry for the dumb question

Many thanks
May 26 2016
Thanks DJ
I won't be purchasing from Jaycar again.
Thanks for your time
DJ Sures
May 26 2016
If you do, consult us here by seeing if they have a datasheet.

Have you seen the ez-robot rgb 8x8 display? It's way cooler anyway - and it's RGB which means color:)

It will be on this website for purchase in about 1.5-2 months. You can see a preview of it in the friday the 13th video that i did a while ago

It's way cooler:D
May 26 2016
Yep, that looks great.

I'll will certainly be getting that.
By the way, i'm new to ez robot and I just love it.

Im having a great time just experimenting around with it.

Thank for such a great product.
DJ Sures
May 26 2016
Thank you for the kind words, Steve:)
June 23 2016
Thanks for your help