Asked December 12 2016

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Hi, today i have become for my Project a Rover.
This works great, when i use the Rover in the torso from JD.
But when i put this in my Roli,
i have no function.

Battery is full loaded and i have check the contact. 8,38V
When i activate, the EZB makes nothing.
No flashing, no sounds, really nothing.

Its same as its off.

What can i do?
I have check the distance from the Pins and the contacts,
but its all ok.

Its really stupid.
May 4 2017
Omg i forgot about that thanks TTG.

I remember Andres telling me in an email, oh my memory banks need formatting honestly.:P
May 4 2017
The deliverytime is not the problem.
From china to me, i wait only 5-7 days.

You have to pay tax, service payment and duty in Germany afterwards.
When you buy for 40 Dollar 2 Sensors.
You pay 55 Euro for Tax and shiment all include.
May 11 2017
Today i have become my new sensors.

First i have try this in Port D23.
I can start and use all, when the sensor is paused.
When i activate the Sensor, the EZB disconnect instantly.
D22 is the same.
I have not idea, what is this.
In D21 works the Sonic Sensor perfect.
In the manual i read i can use this from D0 to D23.

has someone an idea for me?
May 12 2017
Is this better when i start a new topic?
May 13 2017
Yes @Stiko, it's probably better to start a new topic and add "Bug Report" as a tag. I have done some tests and found the following:

With the Ultrasonic distance control set to:

Trigger: D22
Echo: D22

Once unpaused, the 3-wire Ultrasonic Distance sensor works as expected.

With the Ultrasonic distance control set to:

Trigger: D23
Echo: D23

Once unpaused, The EZ-B red LED turns on, and it is locked up.

I am running an older version of EZ-Builder so @DJ may have already had a chance to look at this but only he will know.