Asked December 1 2017

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I have followed the tutorials on fixing the resolution issues with EZ-Builder but I am still not getting a fix. The icons at the top are displaying all strange and the text is way too small. I changed my apps and text size on my computer in the display settings from 125-350% on my 4K monitor and even reduced the resolution of my screen and still no luck. Anyone have a fix for this?

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December 6 2017
I forgot to mention I'm using EZ-Builder vs 2017.11.13.00
January 17 2018
Yeah it's just annoying to have to switch my screen resolution to 1080 and restart my computer unless I keep it in 1080 all the time but then why did I buy the upgraded screen? Please make EZ-Builder 4K friendly! Please!
January 17 2018

instead of a restart, have you tried a sign out and sign back in as a workaround. ?
Right-click on the Start icon

I also use a external monitor that I can keep at 1920*1080 if I want the main screen at 4K

January 18 2018
@gerald22... Really?!

@faengelm, I will try signing out then back in. Thanks
DJ Sures
January 26 2018
Here are instructions to fix scaling on 4k displays:

Look near the bottom where the 4k instructions are.