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Screen Resolution Questions

I have followed the tutorials on fixing the resolution issues with ARC but I am still not getting a fix. The icons at the top are displaying all strange and the text is way too small. I changed my apps and text size on my computer in the display settings from 125-350% on my 4K monitor and even reduced the resolution of my screen and still no luck. Anyone have a fix for this?

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Hi @cubco,

What screen resolution are you running at it seems very high?

I'm guessing you have but figured I'd check anyway: have you tried going down to 1920x1080?


Yes, as stated I am running a 4K resolution and as I also said I reduced the screen resolution to 1920x1080 and still no luck.


Does changing your resolution make any difference? Controls get larger, etc? Are your resolution changes actually taking?

Have you changed your overall Zoom settings at all? Using Ctrl+scroll wheel on your mouse?


I feel your pain. If ARC has any weaknesses it the GUI. We builders have been having issues with this part of ARC's integration into Windows for forever. Other than this issue with the visual aspects, this platform is stellar.

So, what to do? I bet you're doing everything right. However I think you're missing one step. When You make a change in your Windows Display settings you need to reboot your entire computer. I think the tutorial may state this fact but it's an easy oversight. It seems to me that ARC won't make the same changes to scaling on the fly that most other windows programs do. You need to reboot to see the full effect of each of your adjustments.

Hope this helps. ;)


@cubco I just got a 4K resolution laptop and was having the save issue at the Toshiba recommended settings (3840*2160 250%)

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I followed this tutorial and switched to the recommended 1980*1080 and picked the 125%

here are my settings User-inserted image

and my ARC screen now looks like this... very nice User-inserted image

be sure to log out and back in before starting ARC for the changes to take effect

Regards, Frank


I forgot to mention I'm using ARC vs 2017.11.13.00


Yeah it's just annoying to have to switch my screen resolution to 1080 and restart my computer unless I keep it in 1080 all the time but then why did I buy the upgraded screen? Please make ARC 4K friendly! Please!



instead of a restart, have you tried a sign out and sign back in as a workaround. ? Right-click on the Start icon

I also use a external monitor that I can keep at 1920*1080 if I want the main screen at 4K

regards, Frank


@gerald22... Really?!

@faengelm, I will try signing out then back in. Thanks


Here are instructions to fix scaling on 4k displays:

Look near the bottom where the 4k instructions are.