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Hey guys, I'm trying to use a single power supply AC to DC 12 volt 20 amps and I want some kinda step down converter to 7.4 volts.

To be clear I have half a project running at 12v and the other half at 7.4 volts. I'd rather not have two power supplies if i can help it. Any suggestions on best way to step down?

Also do the amps stay the same if you step down. This will be a Mean Well power supplies.

Thanks for any feed back.

Edit: or a dual voltage power source 12v and 7.5 sharing 20 amps
Commented March 2017
I've found some Dual voltage power supplies but the second voltage is listed as -12 volts. What does the minus mean in voltage terms?

Dual voltage
Commented March 2017
You do lose amps when you step down. Some much more than others.

I have been looking at this adjustable high amp BEC for a similar purpose. I haven't ordered it yet. Note: it requires a USB programmer to adjust the voltage:

I have also looked at this one but the Castle Creations one was recommended by @Dave Schulpius so I am leaning in that direction since if there is one thing he knows, it is electric power...

Commented March 2017
Thanks Alan!
Asked on Friday, March 3, 2017