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hello everyone,

I am having trouble connecting multiple ezb's to my laptop.

I need to be able to take my droid outside of my home wireless network so setting up both boards in client mode is not an option for me.

I am currently trying to set up board 0 as AP and board 1 as client. I have set up board 1 as client using Board 0's ssid and it notify's me that a connection is established and blinks green as expected. I then reconnect back to board 0 and it connects normally in AP mode. However I cannot locate the IP address or connect to the second board via client mode.. when I search for the IP the range given is 10.211.55.__ which is very different than the first boards IP

I have searched the forums and havent come up with a solution

Commented July 2015
When you search, change the subnet to 192.168.1.x (recent update to EZ-Builder allows changing the subnet of your search). The likelihood is that the 2nd EZ-B will be unless you connect your computer to board 0 first in which case that will be the address of your pc and the 2nd EZ-B will be -

Commented July 2015
perfect thank you @thetechguru I knew i was missing something small.

Its all up and running now :)
Asked on Friday, July 17, 2015