Asked March 6 2015

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I just received my developer kit and I am unable to get a Wireless Connection. I plug in the EZ-B, it goes thru it's enable and begins to flash blue. I go to my Wireless Connection bar and see the EZ-B listed. I click on it and try to connect at which point it tries to connect, then says Windows was unable to connect to EZ-B4 ---- . I run diagnostics but it fails. I repeated the steps as shown in the video and Windows diagnostics, but no luck.

I am running Windows 7 on a ASUS Desktop. My computer skills are low level, so please stay basic so I can get this running.

Any advice? I am looking forward to using my new control but am stuck on the Starting Line.. *stress* *confused*:(
March 6 2015
Woo Hoo!

You will need to pick which one of us helped most and mark this as resolved or you will get daily emails from the forum reminding you forever....

Unfortunately, no way to spread the credit around when we each contributed something.

March 6 2015
Good job man. The fun (and addiction) begins. Go ahead and make another order for you next EZ-B as it will be no time before you want another one:)
March 6 2015
No problem. The good thing is you learned some stuff along the way which you can use in the future!
DJ Sures
March 6 2015
Where and when did you purchase the EZ-Robot? Also, can you let me know the firmware version number that is presented when you log into the EZ-B HTTP Web Interface?

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March 7 2015

I bought the Developer kit from Maker Shed and received it two days ago, The tag on the box says: 89008001000
mfg date 2014-7-31

I just connected to the page you asked and there is no version information listed.

Hope this helps.

I was able to connect and have a green light today, so all seems well.