EZ-Builder Release 2012.05.12.00

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I've been working hard at adding compass and gps navigation support. There are now new features for your robot using the Sure Dual-Axis Compass module (DC-SS503). I have completed the PCB design and it is being sent to the printers and should be available on our website when we return from Maker Faire:)

- EZ-Builder

- New EZ-Script command: CompassTurn()
- New EZ-Script command: CompassForward()
- New EZ-Script command: GPSStop()
- New Control: i2c -> Sure Dual Axis Compass
- ADC Control allows multipler for custom units

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United Kingdom

Fantastic addition . EZ_B just gets better and better , Thank you for all your hard work . :)

Steve_C .
Thank you for the additions.
HI DJ, fantastic addition !!!! we wait for the next step with gps and the design for te pc board !!

Thanks a lot !