Robot Idea


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I am working on a robotic arm that, with voice command, will find a specified object, pick it up and do what ever the command is.
For example, a person with limited mobility might need a drink of water, how great would it be to have the robotic arm locate the glass water, pick it up and hold it out for the person to the water from a straw and them put it back.

Yes, there are robotic arms out there that can do this, but at $50,000 not many people can afford them. My robotic arm was 3D printed from open source files and with the electronics and EZBv4 it has cost about about $300 (so far). There are also several kits for these arm.

I think that coming up with EZ-Robot programs to carry out tasks that these arms are capable of doing is my main goal. That programming could then run any robotic arm.