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I've always wanted to integrate a GPS auto-pilot system (used in farm equipment) with a fully automated snow blower or snowplow. This could be done in two sizes to accommodate for road clearance and residential sidewalks. The beauty of this equipment is the savings in wages for man hours for snow removal in the early morning hours. As well as the systems can be deployed in high numbers to address heavy snowfall situations, no need to staff multiple `emergency' employees to be on call for such occasions.

- The GPS systems come with two positioning input, cellular and satellite. When signal is lost from one you can switch to the other.
- Power system would be hybrid; gasoline or diesel powered generator & hydraulic pump, battery charge controller/inverter system
- On-board navigation system
- And of course the snow blower or snow plow!

So of course the snow blower/plow would have to be equipped with sensors to locate foreign objects as well as heat sensing for possible life forms in the way.

All moving parts would be shielded for safety reason, of course!;)

Any hoo, that's my idea!!! Contact me if you care to discuss further,




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