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I want to use an interactive robot head to create a "study buddy" for university students who enroll in remedial math courses. The head would need

1. to be expressive (affective)
2. to support facial recognition
3. to support character (hand written) recognition
4. to support voice recognition and synthesization
5. to support backend high speed connection with a workstation pc running all supporting software

This study buddy would replace current lowend textbook publisher supplied learning -support software, based on multiple choice questions. I envision one bot buddy for each student workstation in a lab, or students could have a personalized bot at home or dorm that would need to connect to a remote server.

There is more to the design architecture that I'd rather not disclose. I am closing in on the completion of the design and implementation of the backend and the network/server interface. My focus now is on finding a reasonably inexpensive frontend bot to provide humanoid interface with the student.

Do you have a product that would fit my needs?

(Can we keep this inquiry confidential?)



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