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I started my robot today that sports 4 v4 EZB's (one is an IOTiny) then started EZ Builder up wanting to show him off to guests. None of the EZB units would connect. I found that all the IP addresses I had programmed are incorrect. The real problem is one of the EZB units can't be found mat all even with the search function. The IP Discovery on the right side of the connect tool is not even seeing any of the units at all. I am connecting the EZB's through a Engenius point of access that is attached with a Ethernet cable to my main Xfinity router. Could this be an issue? Any suggestions? 
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OK, I found out that I need to have the EZB's and the controlling computer on the same WIFI network in my home for the discovery tool in ARC to see the EZB's. I was able to find the correct EZB units with the discovery tool and reconnect. I still don't know why ARC looses track of the IP addresses and I need to do this every once in a while.
Yes - networks work that way in the sense all devices need to be on the same network. That's how networks work. ARC does not lose track of IP Addresses because it isn't responsible for allocating them. The network and your router do that, not ARC.
OK, I understand. Looks like I need to try to assign static IP addresses to my EZB's in my router. Maybe that will keep them sinked.
It sure will! That’s exactly how you’ll do it. Just remember that the addresses will change if you switch routers. 

Do you give the ezb a friendly name in the web configuration interface? That way they show up easier to understand in the scan tool
Yep, friendly names are great. Makes it much easier to find the right unit.