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Quick Question Regarding Camera

so another probably noob question here but, i wanna put the camera i got with my ez b in the robot and control its on/off etc from the ez board, so question is as the camera obviously has a push switch on the back and a built in battery how do i connect the camera to the ez b, i presume i use a d port for the power but how does that work regarding the on/off switch ? can anyone provide me with a connection diagram for this and also the sparkfun h bridge ? im a little confused as to why i need 4 inputs into the h bridge ? and what each one is for, please bear with me here im new to this im used to basic stamp which uses servos mainly, thanks in advance, (by the way its the camera that you can but of the ez b website the wireless one)



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United Kingdom
Hi Pacomms

Another Robot builder in the UK nice))

Check out this thread for camera

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Then you switch on the camera by say turning on the Digital Port in a startup script

and this for the Hbridge

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