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Program robots using technologies created from industry experts. EZ-Builder is our free-to-use robot programming software that makes features like vision recognition, navigation and artificial intelligence easy.
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Is there a build of EZ-Builder for Debian?

I would like to know because I just put together a Debian laptop

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Visit the Software download page here: https://synthiam.com/Software

Download the EZ-BuilderPi and use it with Mono the same way as with the Pi (both are linux). Beware of the limitations - such as no speech recognition or speech synthesis, etc. Not all plugins will work. It's beta.. :)

PS, we also have a getting started guide, that you can see on the top menu of this website. I highly recommend clicking Getting Started from the top menu and checking out the guide which provides links to various software platforms and hardware platforms compatible with ez-builder. It's all there in the top menu for ya, have fun!

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I downloaded the software, robot should be here Friday

Windows platform is better, I agree

I spoke to a friend of yours, Dennis @ https://www.robots.education/

Very nice and knowledgeable of your products

I ordered it from him

Great - Dennis is a good! The windows operating system is designed for users, while linux is better for lightweight VM servers.