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Wowwee Tribot

I have the kit coming next week so I was looking at my parts drawer. I have a Wowwee Tribot that I would like to set up. It has three omni wheels 120 degrees apart and want to keep that drivetrain arrangement. Has anyone done this setup yet? Any help would e appreciated.

I also have a Parallax BOEbot with the gripper I'm going to do something with.

Thanks for the help...!

Larry O


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I have a tribot in pieces and couldn't quite figure out how I was going to do the movement panel. I took it completely apart to see what I had to deal with and I wasn't quite sure how to put servos for wheels, it would have to be servos because it has to be 3 and I haven't seen a 3 wheel motor controller yet. One thing is for sure; You are going to have to use a lot of micro/mini servos. Since I am still working on my first bot I decided to try a RAD that I found at good will before I start shrinking my bots down to size. Although if you can figure it out I would absolutely love to see how you did it! also don't just throw out the battery compartment, it has a tilt sensor on top of it that you may be able to use if your bot ever gets knocked over.

Good luck!
I think I'm going to hack three servos. Basically I'm just going to use the circuit board from them. I'm going to use a couple of resistors to bypass the potentiometer and connect the wires from the motor into the motors that are already there. I'm not sure how I will do the Movement panel. Maybe DJ will have a trick or two for that one.