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Wireless Camera With Usb Dongle

I have the Wireless Camera with USB Dongle that came with my original ez-robot kit. My question is what software can I get to use this camera without the ez-robot board? I am using a higher resolution camera on my ez-robot, but would like to use this one on other projects

The description of the product (still sold) is: "he EZ-Robot 2.4 GHz Wireless Camera is your robot's eye to the world. The camera is wireless and operates at 2.4GHz to a USB dongle that transmits your computer.The video is transmitted to your PC and supported by the ARC Robot Software. Now you can easily add Color, Facial and Motion tracking to your robot. The EZ-Robot Complete Kit includes manufacturer innovative Hardware and powerful software to build the robot of your dreams. Easiness and Power are reasons EZ-Robot has been the driving force behind countless robots for Hobbyists, Competitions, Schools and R&D Facilities. It features to increase the personality of your robot companion. " It sales for $69.00 USD


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It should work with any application that can see a USB web cam (although I am not sure if it is compatible with Windows 10).

You can try using amcap.exe to test (google for download sites, it is a sample app from early versions of Visual Studio, and is great for testing web cams).