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Wifi/Bluetooth Speaker & Mic

Hi, does anybody know if this bluetooth speaker and mic will be compatable with EZ-B? It seems to have good reviews and seems a really good price.

Duronic SPB1 Wireless Retro Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Mic for Hands Free for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Samsung S3/Laptop:Amazon:Hi-fi & Speakers

Or any suggestions in the £20-30 price bracket?


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If it is compatible with windows, it is compatible with ARC.

I use a Motorola Roadster with good success (it has excellent noise canceling so it can hear me over the sound of the servos, although honestly I have better success with a BT headset. Still use the Roadster as a speaker though).

Motorola just released a verion 2 recently, so you should be able to find decent prices on version 1.

United Kingdom
Is the motorola roadster a phone or speaker system.
Had a look but can only find the phone from the looks of it?

And is it hard wired in or do you have to keep charging it?
It is a bluetooth hands-free device. Handles both phone and a2dp media. It has a battery, but charges via USB so can be hardwired to any 5v source.

United Kingdom
Had to write another message to mark question as resolved lol.