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Who Can Turn My 3D Printable Idea Into Profit

I really want to customize my little turtle bot ARC with a removable hat or set of hats to mount on the cameras back. The piece evens out the cylinder to the end and has a little top hat or in my case a star covered pointy wizard hat (he reads stories to my son) off to one center side for changeability. It could be all matching white but it would be wonderful to have the hat blue w yellow stars. I will attach a sketch for refeance. I would be willing to pay $10 for the one (or what ever a bit over cost and s/h would cost) thank you User-inserted image Also robot selfie

User-inserted image


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Oh I like that, I was thinking printing it connected to the space behind the eye for quick changeability, that said I really dig that hat design.


Updated, just noticed it looks like you made it slidable. Would this design have enough room to easily cover the top with out damaging the base clip? Also do you have a 3d printer / if so could you print one?


wonderful, what would you want for it? I am here in Washington state so no worries about outside USA shipping :)


Looks great I emailed you thanks