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Which Wireless Joystick?

I know in the early days of the v3 DJ recommended the Logitech Gamepad F710, but I have also seen a lot of people using the Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless Joystick for windows.

Does anyone have any recommendations of one over the other or something different, and why?

I am going to be ordering one soon (got an Amazon gift card for Hanukkah). The Logitech is about $10 less and seems to be functionally equivalent, but I have virtually no experience since I don't really play computer or console games (if I started, I would never leave my computer, and I spend too much time in front of it now).



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The Microsoft joystick won't be wireless without a wireless module for windows which is sold separately... the Logitech its Bluetooth and comes with a low profile Bluetooth dongle... the Logitech is also modeled off the PS3 controller.. I would recommend the Logitech.. unless you like Microsoft, and want to spend more.. money.. plus the Logitech will allow you to use Profiles to map buttons quickly, in with additional software (free) use macro for related to buttons.


Thanks for the reply . I was aware of the wireless dongle needed for the Microsoft, and that was included in the one I found for a few more dollars, but I wasn't aware of the ability to remap keys and set up macros. That could be very useful.

I did read on a few forums of few users having problems on Windows 8.1, but it seems that was for upgrades to 8.1 when the joystick drivers were already running on Windows 8, and the solution seems to be to re-install the drivers (and some other possible workarounds) so I think I'll be able to get it working.



I got my Logitech this morning. One correction if anyone looks at this thread later for the same advice.

It is not Bluetooth. It is 2.4ghz, but it does come with a low profile usb dongle and an extension cable to improve range depending on the location of the PC.

As I had read elsewhere, the drivers don't work in Windows 8.1, but on a new install Windows auto-detects it as an xbox 360 Joystick, so it appears to work.

Just quickly tested driving Roli around so far. I'll post more if I learn anything else interesting while testing tomorrow.



One update. The Logitech drivers do seem to work, it just needs to be in Direct mode instead of Xinput mode when I install them.

Roli's battery just died, and I don't have any more time today for testing, so I will need to see which works better in ARC tomorrow. I am having one problem in Xinput mode with Joystick 2, so we'll need to see if this fixes it (follow-up will be in this thread: as I work through the issue. I'll come back and make a final configuration recommendation here once I get everything working well).



Yeah, Glad you found the direct mode switch, I was going to say I've been using 8.1 with no issues.. sorry about the Bluetooth mistake..