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Vintage Tomy Robots On Ebay

Just wanted to let anyone know who is currently looking for Tomy Omnibot 5402's and Omnibot 2000's, there are many listed at the moment, some in very good condition and others for parts.

Someone in australia is selling a brand new in box Omnibot 5402-

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It was ex-toy shop display, is in pristine condition, amazed its listed as new.

Its priced over $400AUD, personally its a great buy for its basically brand new plus it's age.

If anyone here buys it please post pics. :)

Great time to buy some vintage Tomy's everyone.;)

I picked up 2 old Tomy's today, one i've never seen before, and i couldn't find a single youtube video of it..must be quite rare for normally theres a youtube vid of just about everything.

The other one ive seen but never saw one listed until today, because its not working it was sold for almost nothing, their so rare the seller obviously doesn't know much to my delight.:D


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Anyone think $1200 for a new in box Tomy Omnibot is a little too much? Its brand new, so very rare, thought i would post about it here in case someone has always dreamed of owning a new one.

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There is a Heariod robot listed by TTC also, their really rare now, the one listed now is the only one ive seen since i bought mine.

I found myself a Tomy Spotdog, and a new in box Tomy T-Dog Mysterious Running Robot.

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Go rescue some old robots y'all. ;)