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Updating From Version 15 To Version 16 In ARC

I'm trying to use my EZ-B v 3. I have been wading through what information I can find. When I open ARC and check the update window it is telling me I have the latest version. However, when I try to connect with my EZ-B v3 I get an error message telling me I need to upgrade to version 16. Then it asks me if I would like to view the tutorial. When I click on "yes" it goes to info concerning EZ-B v4. Can someone help me with upgrading to version 16?
As a general question; are there many people are still using EZ-B v3?
Is there a link to the users manual for v3?
I do realize that there is the newer v4 which EZ-Robot is promoting. Is v3 actually still supported? If so where can I find the info and manual for v3?
Thanks in advance for any help and guidance.


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It is telling you that you need to update the v3 firmware to v16. In windows, go to start, all programs, EZ Robot, EZ-B Firmware Update and follow the on screen instructions.

V3 is still supported, but a lot of the links to the v3 tutorial videos are broken/mis directing on the web site.

Here is the firmware tutorial on YouTube


Thank you for your assistance Alan. It has been a few years since I last used EZ-B, however , It's all starting to come back to me. With use, practice, and help from other users I'm sure I'll be up to speed in no time.
I discovered that one needs to mark any issues as "resolved". I have tried to do so 3 times now. I did click on the person that helped me resolve the issue. Thank you again techguru. Your reply was much appreciated.