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Hi I need some help with my wall-e his head and wheel servos don't work anymore on voice control but his arms and hands work fine this started happening when I downloaded the new ez-robot software the servos work fine I can use them on the touch panel and they work. I have put countless hours in his programming and I don't want to loss it now.


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Hi @wall-e lover 360

If you attached your project file to your next post I'm sure one of the forum members could help you. We have a great community here!

I will suggest that if you need assistance, don't be afraid to mark your thread as one that needs assistance as it will put a red exclamation mark beside the thread title and quickly alert everyone that you need a bit of help. I'm sure members would like a chance at earning ez-credit too:D
I agree with Jeremie I am sure if you attach your project file other people will help because they want store credit. Also you should look through the code to make sure nothing is wrong with it.;)