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Trying To Use Ez-B And Connect To Wifi

Purchased the recommended WiFi module from China, fired it up, populated the various fields on the configuration views, saved the changes. Connected 3.3 vdc to the module, removed the Bluetooth board on the EZB and connected the Rx, Tx leads to the WiFi module, started up the:) software application, started to connect to the WiFi with the IP address and have absolutely no clue how that is done from the connection page.

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I like some info on how its done too, may can try to see if can be done by,since i dont want to use bluetooth at all on any of my robots,i have WIFI all over my house.

ROBOT-DOC ,let me know witch one you bought with LINK.


Here is the link that will then provide you with the URL to a webpage to order the USB-Wifi board WiFI module I went ahead and purchased two just in case.


See this thread. You need (at least) the virtual com port drivers to create a wifi com port on your computer for ARC to talk through. 2nd post has links to everything you need. Rest of the thread has discussion about issues and solutions.



Thanks for the URLs @thetechguru but I'm running Win 7 and the drivers were downloaded via the internet when the USB-ttl device with the WiFi board was plugged into a USB port. What I can't find evidently is a driver for making a virtual WiFi com port within my laptop.

What is unclear is where do you go from here:

User-inserted image


i found how i think,dont have a WIFI yet ,but in port is you just type in your address of your WIFI here is page with video ,look almost near the end

EZB telnet and connections


Also found this ,from reading the link that the techguru gave,and i forgot ,you do need a virtual port here is one free ,go to download on the page.

then give it a comm port and restart your ez -builder virtual serial port

i tried and it works great from a wifi board,dont have one on my eEZB but the poert shows up when you install it ,first login in password it will admin and can change it then you will be able to put the address in of the wifi board and give a port # not used



Good find on the free Virtual Serial Port. That is the missing link we needed.



Thanks, test a lot of software,if anyone seen how much software i have it unreal I havent bought a WIFI board yet for my EZB but i did try it from another laptop and it worked and the virtual serial port is on one of my main computers fred


@robotmaker to simlify the search I added your virtual port link to the second post Your credited with the link so.


Ok thanks very much FRED Have a meryy christmas again too


How do you connect to a Wi-Fi network that has security code?

Or does this just become a hotspot to connect to like AR Drone?


The TLG module is configured for your network, when you set it up you enter the wifi networks parameters.


ORWNIC82 have you tried on EZB and working ok.havent got my 9 of the WIFI boards in yet from china, thinking 3 weeks. It should work great.


I had it programmed wayback at the beginning of the thread "WIFI help" but I haven't used it in a while and believe I burnt the module up due to the jumper being set to 5V since I was using the usb to ttl for another setup. Sorry, if it still worked I would test the virtual serial port you linked. I had everything but that back then.

Like the post said back then The EZ-B didn't seem to have enough current to power the TLG so you might have to setup a transistor circuit for alternative power source.


I've got the UART Serial WiFi USB board programmed with the WIFi data obtained from my Asus WiFi router. It boots up and goes into Auto Mode then the Asus router recognizes the WiFi board and adds it to the network. I tried using the freebie virtual port software but had no luck with it. After adding a com port messing around with different options the software became unstable and further removal and installation of the program proved fruitless. I have ordered another program that will allow the creation of com ports and you purchase a license for the number of ports you want to build. I ordered 2 ports for a cost of $145 and it includes a backup CD version. When I receive this new program I'll update this thread.


One i found works perfect ,free and its not a trial version i listed in my post above