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Trying To Figure This One Out.

Well as I said I finally found the platform I wanted for my robot. Below is a video on how it works. Forward, back, right and left are not a problem, just 2 motors on and H-Bridge, the BIG problem is to figure out how to get setup the tracks when they need to flip. These flip with 2 other motors that allows them to elevate the robot and climb stairs which is a feature I need. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks


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Just a thought, use three ping sensors: One on the front and one on the back, level with the drive shaft. The 3rd sensor is aimed at the floor to measure elevation.

When the forward sensor registers a distance equal to or less than the distance of the treads, the robot stops and elevates. The robot stops elevating when the forward distance sensor is greater than the length of the treads.

The elevation sensor would mostly be used to indicate the current elevation state. So, if the robot is already at maximum elevation and it detects an object, it would need to run an avoidance script, rather than a climb script.

As I think about it, you might need two elevation sensors, one forward and one rear, to help with the climb script.


That is a cool toy.Good luck on your project.


Ping sensors might not be accurate enough, try using close-range IR sensors.