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The Tron Look

Just a quick suggestion to give our Bots a more futuristic look, I will try this out for my Rad Bot, I have seen examples of this "El wire" before and it looks very nice! A very bright Tron Glow added to your projects.

Glowing El wire


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im a huge Tron fan, if they make a 3rd i'll be wrapped.;)

This wire is very cool, its been around for awhile it seems but this is the first ive seen or heard of it, looks great.

if i had this wire back in my BMX days...i would have prayed school started at night time...:P:P

User-inserted image

Would love the inside of my car to look like this:P

User-inserted image


Yes it sure does look impressive! I did have a custom P.C. online business for a while mostly building high end gaming computers and sometimes the customer requested El wire around the case and in the side window etc...That was a few years ago and my part supplier from China went out of business so I will need to find another store online to get it again! It would look great on the robot!


Would look fantastic on a robot.;)

Hmm you have me thinking now...:P


For sure . I am all for any new ideas to make robotics less Geeky and more Ultra-cool! cool


I've read that it doesn't last very long and starts to fade after a few hours. Anyone know more about this? confused



i did a bit of reading about them, if trying to run too much power through a long length of EL Wire..or EL Tape, it will hurt the inverter causing it to fade.

If their set up correctly they will last for hours i'd say.;)


Last for hours? I wouldn't want to use something that has that short of a lifespan. :(



I meant hours from one battery sorry.

A lipo should run them for around 8hrs.

I noticed they sell EL Tape here compared to EL Wire, their flat instead of round.