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Solidoodle Website Updates

Hey there folks, I just wanted to let you all know that Solidoodle has expanded their line-up pretty considerably. If there are folks looking into getting into 3d printing on the cheaper side you may want to shoot over to and have a look at some of the new things they have coming out. I personally haven't done a whole lot of digging through the site yet myself. I just wanted to get the word out.

One to mention is the Solidoodle Press that is $399 now but will go up to $499. Features a fully enclosed 8x8x8 build platform with heated glass bed. It also boasts 1 Touch Printing with no calibration required. (I'd take that with a grain of salt personally but, it's what the website claims.) I spent $699 on a 6x6x6 SD2Pro earlier this year so prices are dropping. (I feel a little buyers remorse now. Kinda wish I'd waited 6 months. But, no real complaints.;) )

3d printing is getting more affordable by what seems like the minute anymore. Encouraging news for people who have been interested in getting into this amazing technology.

Plenty of people here know me but for those who don't, I do not work for Solidoodle, nor am I being paid or compensated for endorsing them. I'm just a big fan of the tech and encourage everyone to get on the band wagon.

Being a Solidoodle customer, I just got an email about one of their other new products and saw that they have expanded their line-up and wanted to get the word out to the EZ Community because I know there is a lot of interest on the subject here.

On a personal note, although a bit off topic, I can't wait for Rolis to start shipping.;)

Thanks for reading. I hope to see some new 3D printer owners soon.


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