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Sizes And Fitting Data Of The New Rgb 8X8 Display, Neopixel Blaster And Neopixel

Waiting for the new RGB 8x8 Display, NeoPixel Blaster and NeoPixel Bit to come into stock ?

Does any known the SIZES and fitting data of the new RGB 8x8 Display, NeoPixel Blaster and NeoPixel Bit (wish to design and 3D print a holding frame) ?

How many of the RGB 8x8 Display can be linked to work as one ?

Any TIPS on programing ?


UK based


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Many people are waiting for these, best you press the button like everyone else and wait for notification. ;)

Many RGB 8x8 Displays can be linked to work as one, I believe up to 128. You'll have to keep in mind that there are only 3 breakout ports on the EZ-Bv4 so you would have to expand those I2C ports. You'll also have to note your power requirements as you'll quickly exceed the output of the on-board 3.3V regulator if you add too many displays.

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The dimensions of each 8x8 display is 48mm (1.89 inches) x 48mm (1.89 inches) x 15.7mm (0.62 inches). The Neopixel Blaster and blaster bit are a bit harder to give for dimensions but if you measure the width of an ez-clip that should get you started.

Programming the 8x8 display is very ez:P If you are familiar with the RGB eyes, they work in a similar fashion, by just clicking the mouse to select the color of each pixel. Check out this tutorial for more info.

The Neopixel blaster is controlled with code, check out this tutorial!