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Six X Dual


I'm working on expanding my Six, anyone know of a low cost application that will allow me to edit .stl files? i've played with NetFab, Solidview, and MeshLab, and the crapy software that came with my 3d printer.. none of which will allow me to save a .STL file to be printed.. So I'm asking if anyone has software can do it? or know of any low cost software?

this is what I'm trying to do, but don't have the software to create the .stl User-inserted image


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I'm working on thoughts for a new top that will fit both., then I'm looking at creating a new double dome, that will be high in back low in front, and mount a ping sensor and hands.. I have a long way to go.. I just wish i could find some decent software that wont break the bank, I use Autodesk at work, but can't bring the software home.. nore export files.. (silly) but secure.. lol



This is what I have in mind, I sketched it up over breakfast, when thinking about it.. User-inserted image

this is a picture of my 8Bot Beta.. just to give you a better idea of why I'm want to modify the Ezbot parts.. to make it more stable..

User-inserted image


@Morbeious, I know you can import .stl files into Blender but I haven't figured out how to change the size ratio yet. But it might be useful.


i thought i tried blender, let me check again.. thanks..