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Simulation Environment For Jd

Hello All, I have looked thru the forums so hopefully I'm not asking a question that has already been answered. I am wondering if a simulation environment exist for JD, where I can test code (actual movements) without having the physical robot present? (I do not have one yet, but I will by the end of this month, I would just like to get a jump on things). Thanks in advance for any assistance or direction anyone may be able to provide.



Upgrade to ARC Pro

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Hi @chrisbenton22,

Welcome to the forum! While there isn't a full on visual simulation environment for our robots in ARC, you can build frames and actions without a robot and then adjust to real world values once your robot arrives. You can build from the pre-existing frames and actions that are in the JD example project.

If that doesn't appeal to you, I've heard of some of our community members using Maya, 3DS max, and Unity to create movement simulations. See the the forum thread below or other related threads.


Lots of progress was made about 7 months ago in Unity but project kind of stalled.


Thank you both for the links! I'll check those out now.