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Sfoy Just Got A Tiger Mio Pup Purple Blue

from the goodwill thrift store $3 looks very good,his tail is broken off,what a good way to fix it ,its purple color,its like rubber because of the plastic inside makes his tail wag,plus ears wiggle he moves and responds has a cute pink dress and boots aqnd looking to add EZB to it,another EZB to buy User-inserted image

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Hmmm... I'd like to feel it. I don't think they make them anymore. Will the camera fit in the head?

Depending on the material I would probably use a sculpting epoxy. This is my favorite Sculpting epoxy

If it's like rubber you could use a liquid latex or some sort of rubber material.

They have this Sculpey Clay This could be good depending on movement you want. I normally use oil to may the clay more flexible but can't with this one.

Would really depend on function and how it feels. Let me go watch some videos.


its feels like some rubber type,and ebay has one buy now price at $5 plus $15 shipping with the same tail problem also amazon carries them


But what exactly do you need to fix on the tail?


some type of purple rubber ,may be i can send part of it,looks like they holding the base by silcone glue inside,so i can send that part,and can give idea's to mold it,since the top is missing ABOUT 2 INCHES


Oh if I had the piece I could definitely fix it. Maybe a whole new piece. You want to send it to me?


will get your address offline ,not on this post


Ok I emailed you. I wouldn't have posted it on-line anyway....