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Sabertooth Hook-Up

Hi All.

Could someone clarify the hook-up to a Sabertooth 2x12?

Specifically, the EZ-B tutorial page says "The EZ-B connects to the GND, +5 and Signal to the Sabertooth. The Signal from the EZ-B connects to S1 on the Sabertooth." http://www.ez-robot.com/tutorials/Help.aspx?id=173

I understand the 5V on the Sabertooth is providing 5V of power out (to the EZ-B). http://www.dimensionengineering.com/datasheets/Sabertooth2x12.pdf Does this mean that we can / should power the EZ-B with just 5V, off the Sabertooth? Or should the EZ-B be given its own higher voltage power source? My understanding was that 5 V was the minimum and 7.2 V was recommended. http://www.ez-robot.com/Manual/EZ-B%20Technical%20Manual.pdf

Is there any down-side to using just 5V for the EZ-B?

Also, where on the EZ-B do you hook up the power from the Sabertooth, if you're not using the barrel-type connector? Does the ground get hooked up on the digital output side (right side)? I presume the one of the digital outs on the EZ-B goes to the S1 on the Sabertooth.

thanks in advance,



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One other question-- do you need to hook up both S1 and S2 to the EZ-b board?

I'd appreciate it if someone could post a picture to show which wires hook up to what part of the EZ-b board. I've searched on Google to no avail (being a noob is so !@#$#$ frustrating! :p).