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Roomba First Generation.

Hi Folks.. I just found an old Roomba First Generation on my friends garage.. can I connect the EZ-b V3 to it ?
how can I do that, since I see no serial connector...


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I have one too. No way to directly interface. You can take it apart and use an H bridge with the motors and other bits and pieces may be useful, but using as a ro ot with ARC is probably more work than it is worth.
I to bought one really cheap off of Ebay. I went through and salvaged it out, the motors and sensors and the charging/docking system that I am going to try to use with my robot :-}
I've got a couple of the original Silver Roombas too. A great collector edition but not very friendly for robot hacking since it lacks a serial interface.
And what about the 4210 And the discovery red?
can be hacked?...
I found them very cheap here too...


 And what about the 4210 And the discovery red? 
can be hacked?...

Yes if they have the 2.1 firmware or OSMO hacker firmware flash