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Rolli Exploded Inside

Today i have tested first time the colour tracking. Movement tracking was activated. Rolli started his first tracking.

he rotate and stoped after few second. Then he rotate with only one chain. Then i hear a little explosion in the Rolli. He smell smoky. I have stoped Rolli.

Now Rolly has only one Chain under control.

I have open Rolli and i have found the parts from the explosion.

User-inserted image

Is movement tracking not good to use for Rolli? Is this the first malfunction from this part?


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Luckily, that part is inexpensive. This is the first time I have heard of an H-bridge failing like this, but the Mosfets are designed to fail before the motors or EZ-B. Movement tracking should not have caused this, but it can be hard on components because it tends to make them switch directions often, so I am not completely surprised that this would fail while doing that.



Thanks Alan for the explanation. When Rolli had found the goal, he wanted to get the target in the middle. He always changed between the left and the right. Your explanation seems to fit exactly.

Rolli has always been used without malfunctions. He was standing over an hour before object tracking.

I recently got a good tip. There is a good shop with spare parts also close to Germany. Robots4all is located in Belgium. So I ordered a new motor controller and In addition I ordered one as a replacement.

Better safe than sorry.

Tracking I'll only use with servos. Of course something happens whenever I have free. Now I have to wait again a week so I can continue to play. ;)