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Robosapien Cross Brookstone Rover

Hi all, wondering if anyone has ever merged a Robosapien and a Brookstove Rover?

Using the rover to get around and using its camera etc and mounting the Robosapien (from the hip) to the top of the rover, then adding the ping sensors etc if required. I would think that the would need a custom fibreglass top on the rover to achieve a good finish.

Will ARC be able to let me use the rover and Robosapien controls merged in to one project?

Would it be a good idea to make provision for the whole robot to be powered by one lipo battery?

Let me know what you think, do you think it would look good and function well?

I saw a project where someone had done something similar with some older robots and it looked cool.

Thanks for your input..


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I don't see why it wouldn't work. And I imagine fairly easy. You would have to add the rover controls and camera. No need to add the robosapien control because it only controls the bottom half that you're not using. To my knowledge, the only way to access the RoboSapien() commands, other than movement, are through scripting. I just recently hacked my robosapien so I've been playing with it quite a bit. (I wonder why DJ didn't do the pick up, and throw commands?) If you want to see a slightly more fleshed out, and updated version of the Robosapien Example Project, you can download my project from the cloud here:


I focused mainly on the Mobile Interface Builder and Joystick Controls. I say updated because in my Example Project the voice commands didn't work due to a syntax change. It was a quotes thing. It used to be RoboSapien(RightArmUp), now it is RoboSapien("RightArmUp"). I had to do that for all of them.