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Hi, All. I have received a ROBONOVA-I at University to work with it. I need to test it but I was informed that the motherboard is probably damaged (honestly, the information is not very clear and quite contradictory). More over this, the previous students who have worked with this robot have missed the CD and manual. I have found several Internet places with the manual. And I wonder if anyone of you can, please, share with me all the CD content, uploading it to some sharing files place. Any help you can provide on this will be most appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance! AC.


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It looks like you can get the roBasic software here: ( goes to a dead URL, so it appears the company may be out of business).

If the motherboard really is dead, it looks like you could probably fairly easily replace it with an EZ-B, and use ARC software to run it. From the manual I found it looks like it is just servos, so nothing EZ-B can't handle. You'll need to do some modifications to attach the EZ-B and with that many servos, you will definitely want a LiPo battery.



Thanks a lot, Alan, for your precise and quick responses!

  1. The link you posted for RoboBASIC brings me to a "file not found" place. Anyway, I understand from your email that I need to look for RoboBASIC.

In fact, if someone is also reading this thread and has the possibility of sharing the CD copy, would be very welcome!

In fact, as per the info I have found browsing, I was a bit confused about "what is what" and arrived to the following conclusion: RoboScript: is the Integrated Development Environment, the IDE, to code. RoboBASIC: is the programming language to code in, as a subversion of the BASIC language. Roboremocon: is a software for people who do not want to program, but just want to have the robot reproducing movements; so, they can put the robot in different positions, having roboremocon saving those servos' positions in memory. Is this correct?

  1. Thanks for the reference to David Buckley's manual! It would be very useful.

  2. Thanks also for the reference to an alternative for the possible dead motherboard, choosing an EZ-B one. I will test this option after full checking the current motherboard. As this is an University project, I cannot use the University's resources as I want, just buying a new board and so forth without being sure first that the current one is not working at all.

Thanks again! Any other help will be very welcome! AC.


I see a few users have posted about Robonova's over the past couple of years, so hopefully one will see your request.

Unfortunately, we don't (yet anyway) have private messaging on this forum, so it is hard to reach out to individual users unless they post their email addresses in their profile. I would suggest making a post in each thread that mentions Robonova since some users subscribe to updates in their threads, but posting the same question in multiple places is frowned upon. At least would get your duplicate posts deleted, and at worst, could get you banned, so probably not a great idea.



Thanks again for your help, Alan. I will follow your advises. Cheers! AC.


Hi alejandrocerrano I just bought robonova-one for ez-b. I do not want to learn any useless thing like robobasic. I got rid of the atmel mega128 board. It is not suitable for robotics anymore. That`s ok for remote controll toys. It would make sense if you want learn embedded c microcontroller programing. But for that you can get some development board from china.

I do not know how is the battery but I guess it is dead. You need 6v to power it up. I have uploaded the whole cd in iSO format. This is the full detailed description of the servo. Other hand on the motherboard. If there is any problem easy and cheap to fix. From the software side I do not really want to get involved. Check the page


Thanks to you, Alan, for the reference! Oaba: Thanks a lot for your great help and advises! Cheers! AC.


Hi, again, Oaba. You mentioned you have bought a Robonova-I from EZ-B. Also, you said that ATMEL mega128 board is not suitable for robotics anymore. Could you please let me know:

  1. Which Motherboard & Microcontroller have you bought?
  2. Can you develop for that Motherboard platform using Assembly, C and / or C++? If not, which programming language do you use?
  3. Do you use (or can use) any advisable IDE to develop for your Robonova I?

Your answers will be very helpful for me! Thanks in advance for your response! AC