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It is needed for this robot to have a microphone so I was testing my cell phone camera and IP web-cam app ,it works too well for picking up sounds ,it must pause to listen in the scripting,Problem comes with movements ,to get high frame rate I need to use lowest setting resolution. A higher resolution looks great but gets a bit "choppy" I was just looking at all the cool things that can be done with EZB camera! All the different tracking, face,colors and shapes would come in very handy...looks like too much fun! I think I will be buying it soon. This is my Lo-res testing so far....


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Hey whats the Rc car at the start?

Ever thought of driving your robot around fpv?

When i get a track vehicle for my outside all terrain reconbot, it will be good to be able to throw my goggles on, switch it off autonomous mode, and drive it around while sitting on my couch.:D


I am going to add an EZB to the monster truck in the background to drive that around the camp site too,it has larger wheels and can be very fast...I do drive the Bot around outside and chase the animals at night in the camp area,the Racoons want to fight with the bot too, they will get angry when I follow them to the trash can.:P One more crazy thought, The Rad robot still has it's original plastic missile launcher on it's chest,The motor is disconnected now but could be added back on to the EZB so I can launch missiles at those nasty Racoons,LOL!:D Just wondering about the EZB 3d printing service?. As I once had 6 plastic Rad-missiles ,now only 2 left, I wonder if they can make more for me? Then if I had a hundred or so, Design a machine gun reservoir to hold all the missiles since the launcher can fire non stop as long as the missiles can be fed in to it...crazy idea, but hell I am crazy enough to enjoy pissing off those Racoons!


Haha racoons, their cute little critters, but then i've only seen them in the movies so maybe their not so cute up close?

There will be members here who once contacted would 3D print anything you would need.

Sounds like those racoons have it coming!:P

Machine gun reservoir...spudfiles is your friend there.:D


Those Racoons have no fear of anything and will often stand their ground, I am expecting an awesome hilarious battle for youtube viewing pleasure! The plastic darts won't hurt, will just make then more angry ,expecting a real hissy fit from them!:D


Yes i was happy to hear you would only be shooting foam darts, but i remember modifying nerf years ago and you can really make those foamie's rocket!:D

I would give them a laser show, you might see them bring out the chupa chups haha.:D


A Racoon once stole my groceries from my car as I left the door open for just a minute. It bit into my bread and tried to eat my dinner chicken, I was furious and grabbed my. 22 caliber pellet gun it fires the almost legal FPS near 500, the darned pellet only bounced off his skull and he still kept coming back later to find food scraps....They are tough little buggers! Actually I have a big heart and felt really bad about trying to shoot it,was glad to see it come back later doing okay!


Damn the little thief!:D

Well i had my car stolen last year, groceries are nothing haha.

I got my car back btw:D