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Recording On A Pc With Windows 7-64 Bit

Hey DJ ( or anyone else that may have the answer) I'm having a problem that is driving me crazy!!!!!! I'm trying to record voice overs with a microphone connected to "Line In" on my PC; running Windows 7-64 bit. I've tried disabling my built in mic so I can record with just the line in mic; however when I do that I get nothing with the mic. If I enable the built in mic I get input from both mics; and one heck of a feedback!!! I've tried using the help from the manual but doesn't help! It just repeates everything I've already tried!!!! I've tried everything I can think of without sucess. Any ideas??????? I have an app I'm using on my android pad that gives me exactly the robot voice I want. The android pad will not sync with a Windows PC; therefore the reason I'm trying to record via a microphone. This is one of those computer things that can drive ya nuts!!! I'd be so happy to give a robot voice to my bots! Thanks, Lloyd


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