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Questions About Developer Kit Contents

I would use the "contact us" page for this, except that I think others may have the same questions.

At the time I placed my pre-order, the developers kit description included a Lipo battery and charger (which I thought at the time was very generous given the price), but did not include the plastic case for the EZ-B.

Because the kit listed the included charger, I ordered a spare battery, but did not order a charger. I also ordered a case for the EZ-B that it appears I won't need (although having a spare is no big deal, particularly since it just added $3 to the order).

The description is now changed to include the case, but lists a 6 AAA battery holder rather than the LiPo and Charger. Is the new description correct? Is it correct even for those of us who pre-ordered before the change?

Also, since the kit includes a ping sensor, will it also include the new 5v regulator? (or is the 5v requirement the reason for the change in battery technology for the kit).

I have no issues with changing the content of the kit after pre-orders. I expected that as the work was completed on the designs there may be changes, I really just need to know if I need to order additional parts to use the bits I ordered. I was actually torn between a ROLI and the developer kit when I ordered, but since i already have a tracked test bot, the ROLI body seemed like overkill, and all the other parts along with the battery and charger made the developer kit seem like a better deal economically. With the descriptions as they are today though, I would just buy a Roli and scrap my old test bot body, which is not nearly as pretty.



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Great thought on sharing this with everyone!

The Developers Kit will now come with a 6 AA battery holder instead of the LiPo. We received some helpful feedback and made the change. People building their own custom EZ-Robot using the Developers Kit want more options for powering their robots, and the LiPo would cause some restrictions with their existing robots. We think the 6 AA battery holder will be more flexible for the Developers Kit:)

The Developers Kit will also include a 5v regulator for the ping sensor:)

Shoot me a message via the Contact Us and "General Questions" and I can make changes to your order right away. Thanks for the questions!
Just to close the loop on this. Jason added the charger I needed to my existing order so I would not need to pay shipping, and they gave me a nice discount on it too.

EZ-Robotics are one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to deal with.