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Providing Remote Help To Novice Robot Builders

I recently had my 11 year old nephew build an Adventure Bot using the Course materials while he was at my house and setup his Windows 10 tablet with ARC. He had a great time building and testing it here, but was worried about support at home,

Of course I showed him all the great learning tools on the EZ-Robot site but I also added Splashtop to his tablet so I could assist when he is at home

I know there are other tools, but I like Splashtop as it requires no action on his part.

Needless to say, he and his family are now hooked on EZ-Robot !



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That's awesome, you must be the favorite uncle. :)

When i bought my niece a robot a few years ago, all her other presents paled in comparison.:P

Can't remember what i had to play with when i was 11yrs old, would have been great having robots as a kid.:)