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Providing Remote Help To Novice Robot Builders

I recently had my 11 year old nephew build an Adventure Bot using the Course materials while he was at my house and setup his Windows 10 tablet with EZ-Builder. He had a great time building and testing it here, but was worried about support at home,

Of course I showed him all the great learning tools on the EZ-Robot site but I also added Splashtop to his tablet so I could assist when he is at home

I know there are other tools, but I like Splashtop as it requires no action on his part.

Needless to say, he and his family are now hooked on EZ-Robot !



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That's awesome, you must be the favorite uncle. :)

When i bought my niece a robot a few years ago, all her other presents paled in comparison.:P

Can't remember what i had to play with when i was 11yrs old, would have been great having robots as a kid.:)