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Powering 24V 250W Brushed Dc Motor

Okay. im actually building a dalek (out of foam to save weight). i want it to be a RC (with transmitter and all) at first but bought a EZ-Bv4 seeing it has way better control plus i can control it with my tablet. Still be using the RC parts and two ESC to power high torque brushed motors.

anyway, a while ago i just got the crazy idea of buying electric bicycle/scooter motors (cheapest electric chair here is USD2k which is 5times my monthly salary, so thats out of the question). the motors will have individual speed controllers (http://bit.ly/1jiStL3). is it possible to make it work with EZ-B ?


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Yes, You're going to have to run it through a motor controller like a Sabertooth. I don't know anything about that speed controler you pointed to but you can control a Sabertooth's speed and direction with a RC controller. To choose the proper size Sabertooth you need to find out the top amp draw of the motor your going to use and get the one that will handle it. For example if your motor pulls as much as 28 amps you'll need to get the sabertooth 2x32. This controller will handle 2 motors that will pull up to 32 amps each.