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Resolved Resolved by thetechguru!

Play Random Mp3 From Folder?

Hi is there a way to play a random MP3 from a specified on my PC? (Windows 7)

What it would be used for is to play an audio response that is randomized when detecting a speech input. Say for example if you wanted an R2D2 to play back random sounds from a folder instead of the same one every time when detecting a word or string etc.

That way you could have a folder for happy responses or scared or neutral etc etc.

Any way curios if I can do this with the built in scripting langague or if I need to use C# or Visual basic or something.



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Add a SounboardV4 control (or just Soundboard if you want the sound to come from your PC instead of the V4 speaker).

Add your MP3s to the soundboard.

Have your script give this command whenever you want a random sound (adjust the control name if you are using a PC soundboard or if you rename the control after adding it):

ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_Random)

You can add multiple soundboards with different MP3 collections if you want to have your script call different random sounds based on emotion as you described. ie

ControlCommand("Soundboard Happy", Track_Random)

ControlCommand("Soundboard Sad", Track_Random)

ControlCommand("Soundboard Scared", Track_Random)

Perfect thanks so much thetechguru. :)